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Estimated time and the prices on apartments

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Estimated time of 00.00 hours.

Settling is probably maximum early 4.00 mornings, clearing apartments as much as possible late till 24.00 o'clock. Days, instead of are considered nights. Day of arrival, day of departure are considered separately.

And free apartments in the centre of Petersburg it is possible to look at presence of the reservation in the booking table, having passed under the reference located on the right in section Booking of apartment, point 1.

In January:

1room on 1-2 persons - 2000 roubles a day, 2100 - 2200 roubles a day).

2room on 3-4 persons - 2800 roubles a day (on Muchnoy pereulok 7 - 3000 roubles a day)

Time period

Rent cost a day

Quotations depending on a season

June, July,

Since December, 26th on 10 January

1room 1-2 persons-2800 roubles
1room on 3 persons-3200 roubles
1room on 4 persons-3600 roubles
2room to 4 persons-3800 roubles
2room on 5 persons-4300 roubles
2room on 6 persons-4800 roubles 

Flour 7 persons -5500 roubles 

Flour 8 persons - 6000 roubles

May , August 

1room 1-2 persons-2700 roubles
1room on 3 persons-3100 roubles
1room on 4 persons-3500 roubles
2room to 4 persons-3700 roubles
2room on 5 persons-4200 roubles
2room on 6 persons-4700 roubles

October, April

1room 1-2 persons-2500 roubles
1room on 3 persons-2800 roubles
1room on 4 persons-3100 roubles
2room to 4persons-3500 roubles
2room on 5 persons-3900 roubles
2room on 6 persons-4300 roubles

November, March

1room 1-2 persons-2300 roubles
1room on 3 persons-2600 roubles
1room on 4 persons-2900 roubles
2room to 4 persons-3200 roubles
2room on 5 persons-3600 roubles
2room on 6 persons-4000 roubles

December to 25,

January since 11, February

1room 1-2 persons-2000 roubles
1room on 3 persons-2300 roubles
1room on 4 persons-2600 roubles
2room to 4 persons-2800 roubles
2room on 5 persons-3200 roubles
2room on 6 persons-3600 roubles


At term of rent more than 10 days during the autumn-winter period probably reduction of price.

For terms from 10 till 20 days the price for 100 roubles in day below, for the term of more than 20 days - on 200 roubles more low, for terms more than 30 days - on 300 roubles a day below.

Still pledge for keys of 1500 roubles (either 50 euros or 50 dollars) which come back at clearing of apartment and return of keys undertakes.