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Two-rooms daily apartments in the center of St.Petersburg

If you three-four or five-six persons, or two persons, but you want to sleep in separate bedrooms, we offer for placement two-rooms daily apartments or apartments with two bedrooms and a separate kitchen-dining room.

We have four such two-rooms daily apartments. Two of them are located generally an apartment hotel at the address: Sadovaya Street 32/1 (Apraksin Lane the house 1), and two apartments nearby. One on Apraksin Lane the house 9 (through three narrow houses) and one more on Muchnoy Lane the house 7 (across the road from Sadovaya the house 32/1).

From 2 to 6 people can take place in each of our two-rooms daily apartments , even 8 people can take place in two-rooms apartment on Muchnoy Lane the house 7 . This apartment is very large.

All two-rooms daily apartments of our apartment - hotel are equipped by all necessary for comfortable accommodation of tourists. In each apartment there is a refrigerator, the microwave oven, the electric kettle, the gas stove, all necessary ware, TVs in each room (except Apraksin 9, in this apartment in one bedroom of the TV isn't present, the TV is necessary in a drawing room), the iron, the hair dryer, an ironing table. The bed linen on a number of people and towels is provided.

Washing machines are in apartments on Apraksin Lane house 9 and on Muchnoy Lane house 7, on Sadovaya 32/1 washing machines isn't present.

You can look at each apartment, having gone to pages of apartments, pressing photos is lower.

Sadovaya 32/1, option 2r-1

This apartment is located on the 2nd floor, near the one-room apartment, option 1r-2. Windows look at Apraksin Lane, the northeast.

Sadovaya 32/1, вариант 2r-2

This two-room daily apartment is on the 5th floor of the 7-storeyed house with the elevator. On planning is the same, as the option 2k-1, only on other floor. Windows look at Apraksin Lane, the northeast.

Muchnoy lane, house 7

The biggest two-room apartment is located on the 4th floor of 5-floor house without the elevator. The entrance from the yard , closed on gate with the on-door speakerphone. Windows look to a yard to the southeast. Apartment is very light and sunny.

Apraksin lane, house 9

This two-room apartment is on the 4th floor of 5-floor house with the elevator. Windows look at Apraksin Lane, at the northeast. Sun is only in the morning.