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For placing in the centre of St.-Petersburg I offer by the day six one-room apartments and four two-room apartments by the day.

They are situated in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, near metro stations. We offer them to tourists, visitors of city, and to those, who are sent on business. The apartments are of a hotel type ***. You can rent an apartment for any period of time: from 24 hours to one month. You can do it whenever you wish. Offered apartments can be rented all year round, but the price varies depending on the season.

Location of apartments

Four one-room apartments and two two-rooms apartments are located in one house in Sadovaya Street, 32/1. It’s a 5 minutes walk from the metro stations: "Sennaya Square", "Gostiny Dvor", and “Nevsky prospect”. Two two-rooms apartments are located not far from Sadovaya street in Apraxin lane, house 9 and Muchnoy lane, house 7. Three one-room apartments are located near the metro stations: “Ligovsky prospect” and 10 minutes from the metro station "Ploshchad’ Vosstaniya" and Moscow railway-station.

Equipment of apartments

Offered apartments are located in recently reconstructed houses. The stylish design of the apartments is made according to Western standard with the use of modern materials. The apartments are double-glazed (it is warmer and quieter). The entrance from the street is locked on a door intercommunication system. Doors in apartments are double, made of metal. 

The apartments are fully equipped: a color TV-set, a refrigerator, an iron, a hair drier, an electric kettle,  a gas cooker, an electric water-warmer or hot water from a geyser. Thus hot water is available all year round.

Certainly, visitors are provided with all necessities: clean bed-clothes (the quantity of sets depends on the quantity of visitors), two towels for each set of linen, a soap, a toilet paper, a kitchen towel, utensils, table-wares for 4 (6) persons, etc.

Accommodation in apartments

1-2 persons or even 4 persons can live with comfort in one-room apartment. Two-room apartments are large enough for 4or 6 persons (2 pairs and 2 persons). It is an ideal variant for family with children!

On our site you find the detailed description, the layout and photos of offered apartments:

Certainly, you can stay in a hotel with all accommodations. But our apartments give you quiet atmosphere, comfort, and domestic coziness. The main advantage of our apartments is, undoubtedly, the low price. Our cost of our services is twice lower, than cost in a hotel of the same class. You can live there either alone, or with your family. 

Welcome to Saint Petersburg! We are waiting for you!